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A Quick Guide To The Most Common Research Paper Formatting Styles

In order to come up with the suitable research paper formatting style, you should compare the most common alternatives. This is a very relevant decision that you should make when getting started in the creation process. You will be able to outline a draft of the document by following the guidelines of the format that you choose. Furthermore, you should ask your advisor about the requirements that you will need to comply. Read more to make an educated decision in this regard.

  • - APA Style. This format determines the organization of content, the writing style, citing references and how to get the paper ready for publication. Choosing this formatting style allows you to create a dissertation that is compatible with most publications in the professional scene. You should not underestimate the advantages that arise from this election. Moreover, the readers will be able to follow a familiar structure. MLA format. This is another frequent option for authors who are working on manuscripts using the English language. The most important advantage is that this style supports the content with strong references. As a consequence, plagiarism is prevented by including the necessary references. This series of guidelines allow you to organize the information in a reader-friendly fashion.
  • - Chicago style. This is a frequent election among History students that need to include citations and references. The Chicago style includes endnotes and footnotes throughout the document to complement the information in the paper. The works that have been consulted during the research appear in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Other format styles are based on these guidelines, such as the Turabian style.
  • - AMA citation style. There is a manual of style that describes in detail how this format should be used by authors in their works. This writing style has become very popular in the professional scene; the most recent edition of this manual is the 10th, which was published by Oxford University Press in 2007.
  • - CSE style. The CSE paper style is also a valid option that allows you to arrange information in a neat fashion. In the title page, the information is presented shortly all centred. A header should be included in the following pages of the document. The sources are cited using endnotes and sub-headings are included to separate the content in a different font.