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What Should I Include In My Research Paper About Music Therapy

While music has numerous uses, therapy stands out among the fascinating ones. It is increasingly becoming a part of medicine. With growing interest and discoveries, it presents an interesting topic for your research paper. Here are issues to include in the paper to make it more interesting.


An introduction helps the reader to understand what you are writing about. The introduction will open the discussion and create a context for your work. It also contains your thesis statement to give an idea of what is expected. Make the introduction brief and use words that arouse curiosity in the reader. You can write the introduction as the last thing after getting a clear idea of what your paper is all about.

Definition of Terms

Music is such a wide area to fit within a single research paper. Therapy is equality wide and means different things to different people. At the beginning of your paper, choose a working definition for the anchor words you are going to use in the paper. Avoid making assumptions that every reader understands what you make. It herds every reader into the direction you want to take the discussion.

Factual Information

The credibility of your work will depend on the information given to support your ideas. Read widely to gather facts on music therapy. Avoid heresy or opinion since all these can be disapproved. Peruse through journals and articles ensuring that you quote reputable institutions and authors.

The Latest Findings

Readers are searching for information that will transform their thinking or point of view. A lot of investigations are ongoing in the search for non-medical solutions in the health sector. Only such information will make your work appealing. Avoid repetition of obvious facts since they have nothing new to offer to readers. Fresh facts make your work memorable and captivating to read.

Your Perspective

The essence of a research paper is to offer you an opportunity to express your views. After gathering what other people have said about the topic, make personal deductions. It makes you a worthy contributor to the subject. It defeats academic logic to regurgitate what other people have said. Reading widely should enable you provide new insights that make your writing valuable to music therapy.

The conclusion of your research paper ties all your ideas and arguments. It helps you to give your stand on the matter. The stand should be based on facts discussed in the body. Make the conclusion brief, captivating and memorable.