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What Do You Need To Know About Basic Parts Of An APA Research Paper?

An APA-style research paper has a typical structure, which includes a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, and references. Sometimes, students are required to add a separate discussion section. You may also include a few tables and figures to present the information effectively. The following guidelines will help you compose each of the sections correctly.

APA Research Paper Elements: Important Nuances

  • Title page.
  • Your title should be no longer than 12 words and reflect the content of the work. Remember to include a running head in capital letters, which doesn’t exceed 50 characters, and a page number.

  • Abstract.
  • A typical abstract is about 120 words long, one paragraph, and don’t indent. It includes a topic statement, overview of methods, results, and debatable points.

  • Introduction.
  • Type the title of the paper instead of the word “Introduction.” This piece of writing should start broad and get focused toward the end. Don’t forget to provide your specific hypothesis.

  • Methods.
  • The goal of this section is to provide the details of your research so that another scholar could duplicate it and get the same results. Keep your audience in mind and don’t expect them to know your topic and methods used well.

  • Results.
  • In this part of the work, you should describe the main outcomes. It’s recommended to use tables and figures where possible. However, make sure to introduce each one and then briefly report some summaries and tendencies related in the text.

  • Discussion.
  • This is the place to interpret your findings and explain how they fit into the broader context of the study in the area. You need to prove your results being informative and explain why they’re useful.

  • References.
  • To format your list of references correctly, get a credible example or study an APA manual. You need to list all the sources used alphabetically without any extra spaces between references.

APA Style Formatting: General Rules

  • Consider writing your work in the past tense, using a 12-point font, double space the text in each section, and put the same one-inch margins everywhere.
  • Place the title page, abstract, long table(s) and figure(s), and the reference list on their own pages.
  • Don’t include any breaks in between the introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections.
  • Be careful and don’t duplicate the material in different parts of the assignment; prepare an outline to ensure that different types of information about your research are addressed in each section of the paper.
  • Remember to number each page using the toolbox of your word processor.