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A list of extraordinary criminal justice term paper topics

The good news for students looking for criminal justice term paper topics is that there are plenty of them. But because they exist doesn’t mean they are great. Here we are discussing those topics which are described as extraordinary. What do we mean by that and how can we locate them?

Well extraordinary means the topic is far from mundane. It’s interesting, it grabs the attention of the reader and it gives the student the chance to write well and receive a good mark. It doesn’t help if you choose a brilliant topic and research and write badly. But if you choose a boring topic, all the great research and writing skills in the world won’t make the topic come alive.

Where are these extraordinary topics?

Well your school or college library is an excellent starting point. Talking to a real person, a librarian is a great idea. A teacher or professor in your legal studies department is also a top resource. And of course there are the online resources. Many colleges put up the work of their students. Many writing services post examples of the work they’ve done on their web sites. There are dozens of lists with hundreds of topics.

But remember the topic that we’re aiming for here is something extraordinary. You need a topic which is out of the box. Try and brainstorm a few words which appeal.

A good litmus test for your proposed topic is to run it past several people; fellow students, friends, family and academic staff. Are they impressed? Are you impressed? Are you excited? You want that sense of excitement, that sense of adventure a great topic can bring.

Here is a list of extraordinary criminal justice term paper topics.

  1. Can the crime rate be lowered through education?
  2. Are crimes becoming more violent?
  3. When significant changes in immigration take place, is there a change in the amount and nature of reported crimes?
  4. Is there a way of reducing white collar crime online?
  5. How can our court system be made more efficient?
  6. Should life sentences mean life?
  7. Why some ethnic groups are over represented in our jails?
  8. Should the death penalty be reintroduced and if so, why?
  9. How do such groups as Neighbourhood Watch affect the rate of criminal activity?
  10. Do crime statistics give a true picture of the real situation?