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10 Good Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

It’s important to pick a topic that you are passionate about when writing an argumentative essay. If you select a topic that you don’t really care for, you may not captivate or convince your audience on the paper’s perspective. Argument essays also require a lot of research, so writing about something you care about will make the process much easier. Listed below are some potential topics you can write about:

  1. Is global warming real? – This is a topic of heavy debate that holds a lot of room for discussion on both sides.
  2. Should men receive paternity leave? – Many feel that workplaces should offer paternity leave for new fathers. Do you think this is a right that men and women should both have? Why?
  3. Is technology a threat to employment? – Many corporations and businesses are replacing people with computers, limiting jobs available to the public. Is our future in danger of technology taking away more jobs?
  4. Should we test on animals? – This is a topic that many feel passionately about, on either side of the argument. Is it humane to test on animals and use them for research?
  5. Should pharmacies ban the sale of tobacco products? – This is a recent and relevant topic to discuss. Does it make sense for pharmacies to sell cigarettes and such, or is it hypocritical of major corporations to do this?
  6. 6. Does the government have too much control over our diet? – In many states, the government is restricting the sale of certain sizes, foods, and menu options available to the public. Are they crossing a line, or are they merely controlling obesity rates?
  7. Are children exposed to too much violence? – Many feel that increased rates of violence in today’s society are directly correlated to the amount of violence children are exposed to in movies and video games. Is this the real reason violence is increasing?
  8. Should schools teach religion? – Depending on your beliefs, you probably either believe that schools should definitely teach religion, or they should stay completely clear of the topic. Does it benefit students to discuss religion? Or does it increase tensions between groups?
  9. Is the cost of college too high? – Many people are unable to attend college because of the high cost, but not attending college greatly limits employment options. Are we making it difficult to receive an education? Or is higher education more of a privilege that should be paid for?
  10. Should gay marriage be legal? – This is another topic that is very relevant. Should gay couples be granted the same rights as straight? Or should they be limited in their freedom because of other beliefs?