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8 Useful Tips On Writing A Research Paper Title Page

The title page of a research paper is often something that many overlook. It’s just the title of your paper, right? Who really reads that? The title page of your research paper can set the groundwork for what your reader thinks of your paper. It sounds incredibly shallow and along the lines of judging a book by its cover, but it can provide a lot of information for your reader, most likely a professor.

Here are some tips on how to write a “successful” title page:

  1. Check with your professor. Some professors have a specific set of instructions on what to include on your title page. This usually includes your name, course, title, etc. Always check what is actually required before going to any other format.
  2. Selecting the best title. This part is actually the toughest part. Don’t worry about choosing something flowery or poetic or impressive. Construct a title that reflects the content of your research paper.
  3. Format wisely. Unless you are already provided with a set of instructions about how to format your title page, it’s best to go with something simple. Usually, you will need to include your name, the course/section, semester, date, your name, etc.
  4. Don’t overlook a subtitle. While it’s not always necessary, a subtitle can set apart your paper from others of a similar subject matter.
  5. Fonts. Don’t get fancy. A lot of students like to play around with fonts. Ask what’s considered standard and go with it. Try to stay away from overly elaborate fonts.
  6. Text size. For the title itself and maybe a few other areas, use a larger font, but don’t go too big. If your content is in 12 pt. font, a safe bet for your headings is 14 pt.
  7. Get descriptive. A good, descriptive title is much better than an abstract-sounding article.
  8. Make sure everything is clear. Okay, so this might sound a bit like formatting, and it is, but it is so very important that everything on your title page be clear for your reader.

The title page of your research paper is a tiny part of your paper, but it’s one of the first things that your reader will see when they read your paper. It should be clearly formatted and just as well thought out like the rest of you research. It isn’t the cover of a best-selling novel, it doesn’t need to be beautifully artistic, its sole purpose is to be your reader’s first interaction with your writing.