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5 Hints For Creating A Good Research Paper Literature Review

A literature review is a type of paper that is focused on discussing some published information in a particular subject. You will need to create it if you work on a big project. Usually, professors require it in order to see whether your research is going in the right direction.

In simple terms, a literature review is a collection of summaries of the sources you’ve studied for the project. The main goal of this type of paper is to evaluate various published sources of information and advise the reader which of them are most relevant to the research.

Unlike an ordinary academic paper this one doesn’t develop a new argument. It just uses the available information to organize the arguments and ideas present in the publications used for research.

The following tips will help you create a good literature review with minimum effort:

  1. Focus on a single issue.
  2. All the sources included in your literature review must be connected to each other. The main focus of your paper is what connects them together. You have to reflect this in your summaries.

  3. Develop a thesis statement.
  4. Use the focus mentioned earlier to develop a thesis statement.

    This thesis statement should reflect your position on the argument used in your project. In essence, you argue your perspective on the material, not the main idea behind your research.

  5. Organize your info.
  6. There are several ways to organize a literature review, and you need to consider every option carefully. Your main goal is to present information in a way that will make the strongest impression on the reader. Consider the most important topics included in your project and organize the information accordingly.

    Always start with the basics: introduction, body, and conclusion. The first and last should be easy. Decide on the most efficient method of organization for the “body”. The options available to you are:

    • Chronological
    • Thematic
    • Methodological
  7. Be selective.
  8. A literature review has to be concise. Select only the most important information that helps highlight the point you want to make. All of this info must be tied directly to the focus of your research.

  9. Don’t include too many quotes.
  10. Quotes in this type of paper should be used sparingly because your goal is not to present a profound analysis of every source. You only have to show how these publications are relevant for your research. There will be time for quotes when you start writing the actual paper.