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How To Create A Research Paper Proposal Using A Template

A template is basically a sample of a paper written in the same format the student is required to write in. It can be in the same field as the student is writing, but is not an actual paper. Or it is not to be used as one. This is a guide, showing how it is to look, then the student can write their paper by seeing how one like theirs is done.

  • Same Format
  • Examine the Process
  • Mirror the Technique
  • Do not Copy

Same Format

This is very important. If the student is writing a paper in APA, do not use an MLA formatted template. The work will be wrong! Use the same format so the student can see how the style is done, using a guide, or the handbook with the template. This is because even though every aspect of the format is done in the template, some points might be hard to see. Some templates are designed to be written over. They are done with editable fields, that the student can write in, and delete what they no longer need from the template.

Examine the Process

Before starting, read through the template, and see how the writer did every aspect of the essay. Look at the citations, spacings, lists, and everything they have done in the template. This is the student’s guide to writing their own paper, so they need to understand what is being done. If one does not understand something the writer did, look it up in the handbook, and see why. Remember the writer may not use some styles of references that the student uses, so they may still need to look up that type of citation, and referencing.

Mirror the Technique

The student will have their own ideas on how they want to write their paper, and this is only natural. But the technique will still apply. Mirror the technique, using the student’s own ideas; and it will be much easier to compose a better research proposal in this way.

Do not Copy

A Template is to help the student write their proposal, not to write one for them. So do not copy it, even if it is on the same subject. Use it only as a guide to help with; technique, formatting, and development. Use the template as a tool to help, not to copy and paste.