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How To Get A Well-Written Research Paper Acknowledgements Sample

When you complete your research paper, you have to start thinking about the acknowledgement. Unlike citations, this is more of a polite gesture through which you can thank the people who might have helped you in the project. Since you are not writing a speech for some award it is advisable not to include too many people like your mother or your dog.

Before writing the acknowledgement, do some background on how they are generally written? You can go though some of the samples that are available over the internet. Since it is you who made the project, you will be the one who knows whose help was paramount in making the project successful.

Here are some of the people you can thank at the beginning of your thesis or dissertation:

  • Teachers or professors who gave guidance.
  • Technicians and people that helped you with the various equipments at facilities.
  • Fellow researchers or students, if they have helped you in any way.
  • Agencies or institutions that may have funded or supported your research work.
  • You can acknowledge the person who had let you use his resources or collect sample from his facilities.
  • It is also advisable to thank the dean or principal if your research is for some specific institute.
  • If you had taken guidance from some unpublished research paper, you should mention the person who shared it with you.
  • If you had conducted a debate or discussion to widen your approach on the topic, you must mention the people who participated in the discussion and whose inputs were helpful to you.
  • For scientific research work you can thank the lab assistant who might have helped you in the project.

When mentioning someone in your acknowledgement, state their names clearly. You may also use the name of the institute or organization they are affiliated with, specially is the assistance was official. It is not uncommon to thank your parents or partner for certain non-technical assistance.

If you are referring to support provided by friends, relatives or partner make sure you keep it brief and to the point. By browsing through the various internet sites you can easily get an idea about the various types of acknowledgement that can accompany a research paper. Typically acknowledgements are present at the end of the paper. You can add it after the conclusion. But again, it is not mandatory and you will not be penalized for adding it at the beginning.