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Directions On How To Get An Appropriate Sample Research Paper Outline In The MLA Format

Finding good example research paper outlines can be difficult enough, but also making sure that it is in the correct format - in this instance, MLA - can be a pain, too. Offered below, therefore, are directions on how best to get appropriate samples in the correct format with no stress or fuss.

  • Search for specific essay sites
  • There are many hundreds of essay sites online where you pay money in exchange for examples of essays, sample outlines and other academic writing. These are often a very good source because they offer a wide variety of formats on very many different topics and very many different levels (high school to postgraduate, for example). This means that you need only look for the level and subject you are studying, and there will be plenty of appropriate examples for you to sample. Just remember, however, because you are paying for this service you do not want to be duped. Try to read some reviews and, if possible, get recommendations from other friends who have used similar services in the past.

  • Use Google
  • Google is a wonder, with millions and millions of links ready at the click of a button. By simply entering the correct search terms - and make sure that they are not too narrow or too broad! - You will be able to find hundreds of thousands of examples of research papers in the MLA format. The only problem, then, is going through the results in order to find something appropriate. Simply remember to use good search terms. Include:

    1. The level you are working at.
    2. Your subject.
    3. The keywords ‘MLA format’.
    4. The keywords ‘research paper outline’.

  • Look at university sites, especially you're own
  • Often, universities will provide for their students examples of the sort of work they are expected to produce. It is worth, therefore, going to your own university’s homepage and searching through to find some outline examples appropriate to your level and subject. Don’t forget also to check your own department for their specifications, which might be slightly different from those of the university. This method has the benefit of being specific to your university, so the examples you find will definitely be correct and guarantee that you are not employing the incorrect style, etc. If your university does not offer any samples, try other university sites. This is not as good, but a lot of universities have similar expectations surrounding research paper outlines.