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Research Paper In APA Writing Format: Searching For An Example

The APA style format for citations is used most often for research papers in the social sciences. It’s a way for published and un-published works to provide a uniform layout that researchers, professors and students can easily browse to find the content they need to conduct their own work. As such, it’s important for students who must write using the APA format to have an example or two from which to base their own research paper. Here are a few places where you can find a good APA style format example:

  • Online Research Paper Examples:
  • A great place to start searching for an APA style research paper example is online. Simply keying in a search will bring up hundreds of examples, so you want to be sure you download a paper from a credible website source. Check that the website you find your paper has a number of examples and that it is disseminating papers legally. Try sticking with academic or education help websites, since they are most likely to verify that the components of the APA style format are correct.

  • Examples from Academic Databases:
  • Another great source can be accessed by using your university library account. Either from your home, office, or from the library you should be able to check one of dozens academic databases that your university subscribes to. You will have access to thousands of published and non-published works. Additionally, you will be able to search by keyword and topic so that you can have the added benefit of finding an APA example written within your area of study.

  • Student Examples from Professors:
  • It’s generally a good idea to consult your professor throughout the semester to discuss any one of a number of issues you may have about your coursework. One such reason may be to request a student example of a well-constructed APA format research paper. Your professor will usually have dozens of top-notch papers written by former students that you can review in order to learn how to structure your own paper and make a great argument.

  • APA Writing Guides:
  • If you are considering a long academic or professional career in a social science then you should consider investing in a great APA writing guide. You can consult all of the details of proper citation as well as review the example research papers that usually are included at the end of the book. Academic or university publishing houses will ensure that the content that is provided will be 100% accurate.