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Argumentative Research Paper Format: Emphasizing The Most Important Aspects

An argumentative research paper should have a simple format you can follow when writing your paper. You may need to read a few example papers to get an idea of how to format your own. Think about your topic and the argument you will present. Your guidelines given by your instructor will help you understand how to present your findings. Overall, your argument should make sense and present logical reasoning behind it. Here are some tips to help you understand how to emphasis important elements of your argument throughout your research paper.

  • Think about your main idea or thesis statement as this will appear first. Your introduction will feature your main idea or thesis statement. This should be clear, concise and to the point. You want readers to understand what the argument is about. This should encourage them to keep reading and it should have some background information on why the argument is significant.
  • Come up with several supporting points to back your thesis. When you define your main idea you should have a few supporting points to help you explain it. This would include opinions and facts from both sides of the argument. You may have a basic idea of what these points are when writing your notes. As you get ready to start writing your paper you will make this information more solid.
  • Think about both sides of the argument and present equal amounts of information. This will help you present the argument fairly without making it look as if you support one side. A research paper of this aspect usually looks at two sides of an argument to understand why each side is important (logic reasoning).
  • Place supporting points in order to help you build your argument. You can choose to start with the least important supporting points and build toward the most important or vice versa. It helps to know your argument well enough to know which technique will work for you. This will help readers understand why your argument is relevant.
  • The most important aspects of your paper should help readers clearly understand both sides of the argument fairly. What you decide to include in your paper will help readers understand why the argument is important. But, if you don’t take time to thoroughly understand information related to your argument, readers will have a hard time following through with the finished product.