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Term Paper Format

Term paper formatting is quite necessary to attain a high mark on an assignment. It can be argued that the correct formatting of a term paper is even more important than the content of the paper because of the rigid guidelines often given by the professor that assigned it. Many professors will give a student a zero on the paper, deduct a significant amount of points, or not accept the paper at all if the term paper has not been formatted properly. Meeting the formatting guidelines is not all that difficult, however. The guidelines are fairly simple, but do require a careful eye and a patient term paper writer.

  • MLA Term Paper Format

  • Begin by using a standard sized paper of 8 1/2” x 11” white paper. Be sure to only use one side of the paper. The paper’s margins should be set at 1” for the top, bottom, left, and right edges. Many professors will require a title page for some term papers just for a simple introduction into your research and to make it a little easier for them to identify to whom the paper belongs. If a title page is not necessary, begin typing on the first page of your term paper one inch from the top of the page and flushed to the right. Type your first and last name, your teacher’s name, the course code, and the date the assignment is due on separate lines and double-spaced. Many professors prefer that the first page of the term paper not be numbered. You will add the number 2 to the second page of the term paper in the upper-right hand corner one half inch from the top and continue to do this in succession for the length of the term paper. Your last name should be placed before the page number. Continuing with the first page of the term paper, double-space from the date and center the page. Write the title of the term paper in this position. The title of the paper should not be put into all caps, it should not be in quotations or underlined, and should not be ended with a punctuation mark. The first letter of important words should be capitalized, but that is all. The same rules apply to subheadings.

    Each paragraph of the term paper should be indented by five spaces. Also, indent set-off quotations ten spaces from the margin of the paper. Aim for consistency and indent all paragraphs. It is preferable to left justify the term paper, but to justify the paper is an option. When including titles of full-length works such as plays, novels, and books, underline them. If the work is a shorter work such as a journal, article, or essay, place the title of the work in quotation marks. The first letter of every word should be capitalized except for articles and conjunctions, unless they begin the title.

  • APA Term Paper Format

  • The APA term paper format is not very difficult to follow. The term paper should be, of course, typed on standard sized 8 ½” x 11” white paper with 1” margins on the top, bottom, left, and right of the paper. The term paper format APA is double-spaced is the text is in the Times New Roman font with a 12 font size. A term paper APA format includes a page header, or what’s known as a “running header” that is a shortened version of the term paper’s actual title, at the top of every page of the essay and the page numbers are flushed right. The term paper’s title is flushed to the left of the page is displayed in all capital letters. The title inserted into the header should not exceed fifty characters including spacing and any punctuation needed.

    APA format for term paper requires the paper to be divided into four separate sections. The Title Page is the first section, the Abstract is the second, the Main Body is the third, and the term paper’s References is the fourth and final section.

    The Title Page is comprised of the title of the term paper, the author of the term paper’s name, and the institution the author and the term paper is affiliated with. The top of the title page should be formatted the same away all of the subsequent pages are with the running header flushed left in the top corner and the page number flushed to the right of the paper. Justified and in the center of the first page, the title of the essay is displayed with the first letter of each word in the title capitalized, excluding articles and conjunctions. The title should be no more than twelve words. Under the title is the author’s name. And underneath the author’s name is the author’s institutional affiliation.

    The abstract is the second page and includes the word “Abstract” with no special characters such a bolding and italicizing justified to the center of the page. An un-indented paragraph should be typed under the word “Abstract” and should contain detailing the research conducted and the topic on which the term paper is focused. The paragraph should be between 150 to 250 words and double-spaced, flushed left.

    Follow general format for term paper rules for the body section of the term paper and the references page.

  • Follow The Rules By Following The Examples

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  • Do Not Take Term Paper Formats Lightly

  • Again, do not take term papers format lightly. Format for term papers will determine far much than you would believe so navigate the 123Writings.com site and read through a MLA and APA term paper format example to avoid losing significant points from your term paper.