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Business Research Paper Topics: Fresh Academic Solutions For Students

When you are a business major, you will need to be up -to-date on your industry. You will have to write papers on the different aspects of the field. Consider using one of the business research paper topics or ideas listed below. Feel free to modify the topics to suit your needs.

Topics and Ideas

  • Get out the yellow pages or look online and find a business in your area that interests you. Then email or call the president or founder and set up an interview. You could explore the company and its products or write a paper on the start-up of the business.
  • Come up with a business plan of your own and discuss how you would start a business and develop your company and your product.
  • Look into some of the industry trends and discuss one of them. Do make sure that there is enough information to support your paper. You can find the topics by looking online or checking out the online news outlets.
  • If you live in an area where there is a local college, consider contacting a professor in the field you are interested. You could interview him on the specifics of the field in which you are interested. Sometimes the professors are too busy to help, so you might want to write a few of them in ensure you get an interview.
  • It is always very interesting to write about inventors such as Ford or Edison. Or you could write about some of the new people who have developed companies and ideas such as Steve Jobs. Whether you write about the older inventors or recant ones, you will find the paper to be interesting to write.
  • You might enjoy making a list of the top ten entrepreneurs of the current year and then writing about them and their companies. Email the people and see if you can get an interview with them.
  • You may enjoy writing about a product instead of a person. You could write about the top five or ten products that have changed people‚Äôs lives. Make sure to discuss how they changed lives.

A business paper can be fun to write because you have so many different options. You can talk about people, products, or companies. If you can get an interview from a specialist in the field, our paper will be that much better.