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The Secret Of Writing A Great Research Paper On Academic Dishonesty

Studying at school or college, you should often come across the cases of academic dishonesty. Basically, this is any type of cheating that is related to students’ assignments. This can be a good topic to write about in your research paper if you have an opportunity to pick such a theme. If you haven’t dealt with similar tasks before, you should read the guidelines given below.

  1. Narrow the topic.
  2. This is a rather broad topic. For your paper to be original and deep, it’s advisable to focus on some types of academic dishonesty. For example, you may write about plagiarism and its consequences or concentrate on the falsification of data in students’ reports.

  3. Investigate your topic.
  4. The next step is to gather enough information to raise decent arguments and be able to support them with factual evidence in your research paper. You may consult your instructor to find the best sources. Attending your college library and using the Internet is acceptable too.

  5. Develop your thesis.
  6. Your work about academic dishonesty should have a clear direction. To set it, you should compose your thesis, a single sentence that will list all your arguments and show the goal of your paper. If you want your thesis to be as better as possible, show your draft to your instructor so that they indicate your mistakes and give you helpful advice.

  7. Structure your paper.
  8. Outlining your work is a very important step. It allows you to give your research paper a solid structure. Without this step, you may not mention some significant facts in the process of writing because you may forget about them. If you follow an approximate outline, nothing will be left unnoticed.

  9. Start writing your draft.
  10. You should write your text using simple and understandable language so that your readers don’t need to look at the dictionary after each paragraph. Writing about academic dishonesty, you should focus on the negative consequences of it. Raise your arguments to persuade your readers that short-term benefits provided by cheating won’t cover the negative effects that will occur in the long-term perspective. The best way to do this is to describe the real life examples.

  11. Proofread and edit your draft.
  12. This step is the last but not the least. There is no way that you’ve completed your first draft without making some mistakes. Take a break for a few days after writing and then look at your research paper with a fresh view. It’s likely that you’ll find many things to correct and rewrite.

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