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Writing A Research Paper On Market structure: Helpful Advice

Market structure is the actual structure in which a market is run. In economics, supply and demand is considered pivotal. Sometimes, there are many buyers but few sellers; and sometimes the buyers are few while sellers are too many. There are also situations when the sellers meet buyers point to point.

Monopoly and oligopoly

Monopoly is a particular market structure where a single firm controls all sales of particular item or items. For instance, Gillette almost monopolizes shaving razor. An effective example of oligopoly where a few accredited firms control the sales is Nike, Adidas and Polo for sports goods.

While writing a research paper on market structure, here is what you should do –

  • You should first absorb the actual potential of the market and visualize any rise in buyers or sellers for your research paper. For example, currently, the Middle East, US, Venezuela, Mexico and USSR are main exporters of oil. However, the buyers are continuously on the increase. Similarly, you can ascertain the major metal sellers, say, gold, silver or platinum.
  • You should sample and survey both parties; buyers and sellers. You should ask the buyers about the convenience factor as also the improvement they seek. You should ask the sellers about the upgrading and innovation and how they are planning to streamline the market structure.
  • You should fall back on general opinion about the sudden rise in prices and the breaking point at which they might be forced to try alternative methods. This is the resurgent fear that keeps the market within structure and holds the ceiling. You have to discern that through your research.
  • You should look for credible resources for your research paper that offer great insight into the epiphany of the market structure and the situations which may cause a tumble. You should alienate your work with methodical graphs and attempt to create a balance between buyers and sellers.
  • You should look at the options that may raise the bar for the market. Offer how certain technological innovations can improve the standard and where the sellers are making a mess. Price equation is also a pivotal factor. Make sure that your research paper is compact from all sides and offers a vantage economic viewpoint.
  • You have to write the research paper in accordance with your findings and scheme out solutions that will improve the existent conditions considerably. Your conclusion should be proactive and point-perfect.