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Writing An Effective Literature Research Paper Introduction

When your professor will read your paper, the first impression will matter more than anything else. If he likes it from the very beginning, you can be sure that he will not be so severe when he will correct it. On the other hand, if he does not like the first lines you can be sure that he will point out every single mistake that you’ve done. This is why you need to be extremely careful when you compose it; your grade depends on it. Here is how to write an effective Literature paper introduction:

  • Discuss about the topic. And by this, I mean to write a few sentences that describe the topic, as well as why you chose this particular one. A few words about its importance would also be welcome. You need to make the reader interested in your paper, so try to show yourself as very enthusiast even in the first lines.
  • Don’t write too much. I know that you want to make a perfect introduction, but if you write an entire page it will not count as a beginning. You need to write not more than one or two paragraphs; anything more than this will be confusing for everyone. To achieve this, you need to stay away from details or complicated concepts that belong in the body of the paper, not in the beginning. Also, do not mention any quotation and reference at this point.
  • Talk about the research methods that you used. In this way the reader will know what to expect. You can say that you discussed with a famous professor about this issue, or that you visited a great museum from where you got more interesting information. Either way, this is meant to challenge others to continue reading.
  • Keep the mystery. Do not reveal the conclusion of your paper under any circumstance; why would they be interested to read if they already know everything? You need to motivate them, to let them know that they will find out much more from the rest of the composition. To do this, you can mention one important element from your text, but without revealing it completely. For example, you can say that you found an undeniable argument related to the subject, but say no more! Everyone will be curious to know what you are talking about, including your classmates!