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A List of Controversial English Term Paper Topics for College Students

Students are often asked to write their term papers on controversial topics. These are topics that can be debated for a long time without any of the arguing parties being able to boast of having a 100% correct point of view. Controversial issues excite; they make people defend their own opinions and attack their opponents’ views. In such disputable pieces of writing, you can persuade the reader to agree with your position, or at least accept its possibility. It is very interesting to write a controversial paper, and deep research is to be conducted. You should discover all the possible opinions and proof, as well as assess the issue without bias. If you want to create a successful term paper that is based on some conflict, a right topic should be chosen. The following list of controversial topics might come in handy:

  1. Why is global warming disclaimed by some countries? Is this problem being exaggerated?
  2. Should nationalistic parties be made illegal?
  3. Should lesbian and gay couples be allowed to adopt or foster children?
  4. Overpopulation: what will happen if the demand for natural resources exceeds the supply?
  5. Vaccination: should it be compulsory? Or, is it better that parents avoid vaccinating their children?
  6. Who is to blame for the famine in Africa?
  7. Should we get rid of all nuclear weapons?
  8. Can people take control of natural disasters?
  9. Is it possible to live after death?
  10. Time travel: is there any possibility of travelling through time, or is this just science fiction?
  11. Does religion conflict with science?
  12. How does rock music affect our state of mind?
  13. Physician-assisted suicide: should it be made legal?
  14. Why is the problem of human trafficking still alive?
  15. Should mentally disabled criminals be sentenced to capital punishment?
  16. Should we consider a compulsory military service as a violation of human rights?
  17. Is it possible to keep peace throughout the whole world?
  18. How do anti-immigration organizations support racism and undermine language rights?
  19. Is “rule by the people,” or democracy, really the best type of governing?
  20. Why can’t a working mother be a full-fledged mother for her children?

Religion, politics, human rights, ecology, ethical questions, and global world problems – these are the issues that will always be debatable and disputable. If you dig deep enough in any of these areas, you will find a lot of good and highly controversial topics to write about.