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Looking For A Great Research Paper Introduction Sample

When you’re faced with the task of writing a research paper, after you come up with the all-important topic, then your attention has to turn to your introduction. Your introduction tells your reader what your paper is about. It is the point at which you will grab your reader’s attention, enticing him or her to read on. Or you’ll lose your reader’s interest and he or she will move on to something else, all your hard work ignored and forgotten.

Your Opening Matters

You’ve got to have a strong opening paragraph; that’s a simple fact when it comes to writing research papers. Toward that end, here’s a few tips to get you going:

  • - Short and sweet. Keep it short and concise. A sweeping introduction that rambles on through countless paragraphs is not going to gain you any points with your instructor or your readers.
  • - Define your topic. Your entire beginning should lead the reader to your thesis statement or hypothesis. When the reader reaches the end of your introduction, he or she should know the purpose of your paper and what you hope to accomplish by writing it.
  • - Get it organized. As you write your paper, you may discover that it wanders a little from the initial goal you set in your opening paragraph. If this is the case, don’t panic. Go with it if it makes your paper a better one; just remember to go back and adjust your beginning to account for the switch in focus.

Once you’re nailed down your introduction, you can move on to completing the rest of your paper. What happens, however, if you find yourself stuck at the beginning? If you’ve read all the tips and tricks, all the listicles and the ‘how to’ blogs, and you still can’t come up with a workable opening, what do you do now?

Now it’s time to look at some samples.

Samples on the Net

The most readily available source for samples of research paper introductions is the Internet. If you run a query through any search engine for samples of introductions to research papers, you’ll get a mountain of links to websites offering every conceivable bit of advice of every possible aspect of writing a research paper, dissertation, essay and homework in general.

Narrow your query, focusing on examples or samples of introductions. If you still can’t find any suitable examples, try looking for complete papers on the topic you’re writing about. Complete papers are often easier to find. Just make certain that you are using the introduction as an example only; don’t go down the road of plagiarism.