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Best High School Research Paper Ideas For Diligent Students

Diligent students are the kinds of students schools are trying to create because those kinds of students make it easier for them and more fun. Because with every subject, teachers and students are engaged in learning to the point where learning is fun. Doing the research, seeking answers and being rewarded for finding them which is the type of skill among many that comes from writing research papers.

This means that the student should enjoy the process too and most diligent students do. Essentially, doing so improves the quality of their research paper because they’re really making an effort to come up with ideas. Here is some insight into what the best high school research paper ideas a diligent student can form.

Solid Research

Research papers are really tackled more during high school to prepare the student for college level writing. The difference is that the students will get more help by following a very basic format for their paper. But the students doesn’t have to worry about this as much as they would about the research.

Even then there’s not much to worry about as there are no rules. Diligent students know to go after the information they need in any way they can to get the best idea. It’s a lot like being present in current activity to get the most out of it. As a matter of fact, it’s the majority of what takes place from the moment the assignment is given and up to the deadline to turn it in. Many students will wait until the last minute, which prevents the best ideas from developing.

Coming Up With The Best Ideas

Let’s look at one topic and see how ideas form from it. Suppose that the topic of research is on the civil war. The student usually isn’t going to write a generic paper on the civil war, they’re going to narrow it down to something specific.

  • Which Civil War?
  • The War Economy
  • Battles
  • Government Or Other Influence?
  • Innovation

Which Civil War?

Many students who receive an assignment like this might assume -- unless the teacher was more specific -- that the assignment is about the American civil war and wait until the last minute to read up on it. But there have been and are many civil wars all over the world that make up a nation’s history.

The War Economy

Here is where the student analyzes another idea. Economies are impacted by war because some products or services are made harder to get as prices increase, trade is affected, etc. This opens up more research opportunities for the student.


Take a battle within a civil war and find something in it. Many times there are goals within goals that the student can write about, that may not have been written about before. This is especially good because the student can find new ways to uncover those details they need.

Government Influence?

It’s important to note that the United States is not the only country that has states. All countries have them and each one has it’s own governing head. So when a civil war breaks out, it’s within those areas where a government has to take responsibility somehow, whether they’re part of it or not. A lot of times civil wars are instigated by other forces.


Civil wars are based off of tensions among groups. The war could inflame them more or end them as soon as it starts. Under duress people achieve great things and become innovative. This is another idea for a research paper.

Diligent Overnight

Well, not exactly overnight. Even the most diligent student has doubts. It’s just a matter of understanding the process, how to become a part of it and repeating it over and over again where the student knows what they’ll need to get the most out of their ideas. Once this is mastered, any student can improve their research paper.