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How To Write Literature Term Papers: Some Basic Rules

Writing a literature term paper can be daunting especially when so much of your grade often depends on the successful execution of this important essay. This article is designed to provide a quick easy to read manual pertaining to literature term papers.

Before you begin writing your essay there are a few things that you will need to gather and do. These steps will create for you, an easier more pleasant writing experience.

First: Choose a topic

This topic should be interesting to. If at all possible, choose a theme from a book that you would be interested in analyzing the author’s purpose for the theme, or select an author that you would like to research their motivation and meaning behind a book that you enjoy.

Second: Research the author

Gather things such as…

  • - Other books by the same author
  • - Biographies and Autobiographies about and by the author
  • - Letters and journals that the author wrote
  • - Other research done about the selected author

Third: Create an ideal writing environment

Find a place where you can write free from distraction. Locations such as…

  • - The library
  • - A study
  • - College campus

All make great places to write and stay focused on the task at hand.

Gather all needed supplies for thought organization, research, writing, and comfort. You will need…

  • - Pencils and pens
  • - Paper
  • - Index cards
  • - A computer on which to type the paper
  • - All books, articles, letters, journals, and biographies that you have gathered for research
  • - A light snack
  • - Tea, coffee, or water

The reason that I mention snacks in this list is because people often grow hungry when writing either from delayed meals or from boredom. If everything that you need is at hand you will have no excuse to procrastinate.

Fourth: Begin writing

  • - Use the index cards to organize your thoughts as you write.
  • - Compose your paper according to the angle that you are presenting. Remember to back up any statements or little known facts with research.
  • - Site sources as you go so that you don’t forget what you used throughout the paper
  • - Pay attention to your formatting

Finally: Edit your paper correcting any mistakes and adding emotion to the paper that may not have been clear before. After you have completed this step add your reference sheet and feel content that you have written an impressive literature term paper.

Things to remember

  • - Most literature papers need to be done in MLA format
  • - Periodically review your topic so that your supporting research remains relevant
  • - Have fun while writing

I expect that by referencing this manual you will find your paper to not easier to organize but quite enjoyable to write.