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Academic Writing Lessons: The Best Words To Use In A Research Paper

The arcana to efficacious crafting do not only lie in the pertinent things you present and the way you outline you points. You need to employ appropriate language but in the correct context. In writing a research paper, it is important to minimize on ingeminating words and phrases and to annul from incorporating clichés. If you want to outstand, you should have a good choice of words. Here is the best vocabulary to utilize in your next writing.

In order to

This is a phrase that can be employed in acquainting an explanation to a certain idea that you have listed in the topic sentence. A good paper should be well backed up and no argument should be left hanging.

This phrase is used when the writer wants to give an alternative explanation to something. It is a good way of giving more information that relate to the similar point. Always use this phrase when you have multiple ideas that talk about the same thing. Alternatively you can use the phrase, “to put it in other way.”

That is to say

If the writer has a more detailed data concerning a certain opinion, he or she can choose to employ this phrase. It is significant that you have good accounts of your points to enable appropriate apprehension by your audience.

In contrast

This vocabulary is commonly used when the author wants to oppose a certain opinion. He or she starts by giving one phase of something and later employs this phrase to compare the same feature with something different. It is similar to “in opposite.”


Moreover is used when the writer wants to add extra information about a given idea. It is usually incorporated at the beginning of the sentence. It should be used in the right context so as to avoid contrasting ideas. Generally, it is advisable to have more than a single explanation of a point so as to make it more reliable. Insufficient explanation makes your points weaker.

In that connection

This is a linking word that is used to connect one section or idea in your research paper to another. It ensures that your text adopts a lucid flow of ideas. A well-organized paper will have clear points that are germane and connecting to one another.

Coupled with

This is used to state more ideas or thoughts in tandem without ingeminating the word “also.”