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Where To Look For Free Research Papers On Management

As Management is a much specialised area, you are going to have to be selective in your choices when seeking some free research papers. Accessing many research papers has a financial cost which can deplete the budget of any student.

  • A usual choice to start with is to ask your professor if they have some examples of research papers that they could share with you. They may already have either given out some examples or they may have previously directed the class to some specific examples. The only problem with this is that you may need a research paper that is more specific in its content.
  • Ask in the Library. The Librarian in your school or college may be able to direct you towards papers that have the subject or content that you need. They may also be able to make suggestions to consider other areas of interest for your work as well.
  • Look online. Using an academic search engine, seek out websites that specialise in the area of management you are looking for. You will get several options. There are a few sites that will let you download the whole paper for free One thing that is going to be very apparent is that in order to access some reach papers, particularly the more recent ones, it is going to cost you. In that case you have a few more options.


  • Some websites will allow you access if you sign up to their site. This does not mean they are asking you for money so they should not be asking for your bank or card details. They may ask you for a few details about your studies and interests and then put you on you on their email mailing lists (which can actually be useful for further information). They will provide you with login details so you can access the information you need.
  • Write to the author of the paper you want. Explain you interest and they may send you a free copy. Remember they were a struggling student at one point.
  • Read the abstracts. If an abstract is well written it may actually give you all the information you require. You do not have to pay for accessing the Abstract.

Make sure that if you do end up paying for a paper it is the one that you actually need, as there is nothing worse than spending money on a research paper only to find it was not what you actually needed for your work.