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How To Find Custom Term Papers Without Wasting Your Money

Custom term papers that you pay money for can waste your money and get you expelled. Why? Well, the likelihood that they will be plagiarized are about one hundred percent aren’t they? How are these places going to get ahold of research papers and essays that have not been submitted in class to a plagiarism detector service? They won’t. The way most of these places get their papers is to purchase bulk papers from services such as Turnitin. Therefore, they are going to show up as a 100 percent match.

What to Do Instead

If you are wanting a paper to use as a sample or a model for a research paper or essay you are trying to write, there are all kinds of resources for you to find a paper to use as a model.

First, modeling is a good idea. Sometimes just reading an essay on your topic or very similar to it is enough to reassure you that yes, you are on the right track with your work. Beyond that, borrowing whole sentences or paragraphs from anyone’s paper today is simply stupid. You will get caught. Virtually all of American and worldwide universities today use plagiarism detectors. In fact, most teachers have the student themselves upload their papers to this service, so they can see, from the very moment you submit it, how plagiarized the paper is.

Ask Your Instructor

One great resource for sample papers to use as models is to ask your instructor yourself. In fact, teachers do not mind allowing you to see old, fantastic papers they keep in their files for years. Tell them you work better with a model, and that you want to reassure yourself that you are on the right track structurally, and with your thesis statement and that you want to see examples of good closing and introductory paragraphs. Ask them if you can see A+ papers they have kept in their files for this very reason.

The teacher will never refuse. For one thing, you’ll hand the sample paper back in with yours, so, obviously you will not be able to utilize anything from the sample paper without their knowing.

Writing Centers

Writing centers also keep great samples of student papers that are very well written, A+ level papers. Ask them to see their models on file. They’ll let you.