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How Can I Compose a Good Topic for Research Paper in High School?

Choosing an interesting topic is vital to the quality of your paper. The topic of your research should be something the reader will be fascinated to learn more about, and something in which you can discover any new aspects of the subject. When the subject is too generic and easy to investigate, you can hardly win a high grade, even with perfect accuracy and great writing skills.

If you are still unsure of what to write about, follow the several steps below to pick a really good topic.

Make a List of Good Research Topics

You probably have some topics in mind that you find most appealing. For more ideas, check the lists of most popular high school student research topics on special websites, or simply Google them. Some of these “hot” topics sound really thrilling. For example:

  • - What are the effects of bullying in high school, especially on the behavior of those involved?
  • - Does indoor climate control do more harm or good to human health?
  • - What are the pros and cons of same-sex couples being allowed to adopt children?
  • - Should felons have the right to vote or not?

Check for Controversy

Controversial research topics work the best. Look for an issue where people have two opposing views. Familiarize yourself with the arguments of both sides. Identify the strong and weak points of each position.

Look for Uniqueness

Go down your list once again. Decide what you would like to say for each topic. Think of the aspects that have seldom, if ever, been discussed before. If you can find any, your paper will be great.

Narrow Down Your List

There may be more than one topic that you would absolutely love to write about. To make your final choice, try the following:

  • - Estimate the time and effort needed to research each topic. Are you likely to meet your deadline with the one you choose?
  • - Consider your word count. Is the topic too large or too small to fill it?
  • - Think about how and where you can obtain the necessary information. If you believe you’ll have too much trouble with it, it’s better to remove this topic from your list.

Be Ready to Revise

Once you start working on your paper, you may run across unexpected obstacles. If you feel like you’ll be unable to deliver the good research on this topic as you had planned, it might be a good idea to pick another one instead. Therefore, do not tear your list to pieces – you might need it again, even if you are initially sure you will not.