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How To Compose A Term Paper Outline: Creative Writing Ideas

An outline is one of the most important parts of writing a paper. Through an outline, students can figure out the best way to explain their ideas. It allows the the student to structure their paper and make a logical paper. Before creating an outline, students should use some of the following ideas.

Determining Length

The length of the outline will go a long way toward determining the ultimate length of the paper. If there are very few paragraph topics in the outline, the paper will be shorter. During the outlining process, students should determine the number of paragraphs that they need in the entire document. If their outline is too short, they may need to broaden their topic so that they can write more.

The Basic Structure

For a basic essay, the outline will contain the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Longer papers or dissertations will have a more complicated framework. With a dissertation, the student may need to have an introduction, literature review, methodology, summary, body of the essay and bibliography. For longer papers, students should check with their professor to make sure that they are creating the outline correctly.

Keep Notes Organized

During the research process, students should keep all of their notes organized. Each quote or piece of data should be organized according to the source. This will make it easier to cite the information. In addition, it ensures that students can remember where they actually found the quote. Some students even use separate folders for each source or for each section of their paper. Students should use whatever sorting system works best for them.

Write Down Relevant Information

While creating the outline, students should write down the research that they will use to support each point. This will speed up the writing of the paper. Instead of looking for supporting evidence, the student will immediately be able to start writing. For longer papers, students will need to use this type of system so that they can track which quotes are already used. Otherwise, it is extremely easy to accidentally use the same research twice.

To get a high score on an essay, students should always begin by outlining their argument. It may take more time initially, but it will speed up the actual writing of the paper. By staying organizing and carefully formulating the outline, students can ensure that they create the best quality of essay possible.

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