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Writing a Term Paper: How to Make an Appealing Introduction

I know writing a term paper can be a daunting experience for some. Especially when in college and there are other things you would rather be doing. There are ways to write a term paper to make is less of a bad and time consuming experience. I am going to give you some ways to help you with your paper that will hopefully make the experience an easier one. We are going to focus on how to make an appealing introduction. The introduction should first, outline your entire paper. It should list the three main reasons for your paper.


  • What am I writing this paper about?
  • Why does the reader need to know this information?
  • What information do you want your reader to get from this paper?

These are the three things you should concentrate your introduction on. By answering these questions accurately, you will capture your reader’s attention therefore making them more interested in reading your entire paper. Now you may ask, how I should answer these question in an appealing way. I am going to give you suggestions on writing an appealing introduction that captures attention no matter what subject your choose to write about. You have to give captivating answers to the three questions I gave you above to get the reader interested in your paper.


  • You need to state the exact subject your writing about. You will need to explain some general information about your subject to let the reader know what they will be reading about.
  • Next give the reader a little more detailed information about your subject. Let them know why they need to know this information. Use engaging, interesting words to capture their attention. You will want to be clear, compelling and make the reader care about what you are writing about.
  • Finally you will need to answer the last question to make sure that after you have got their attention, you can keep it as you write your paper. You need to let the reader know how this information could be helpful or informational to them. Let them know that your topic, whatever it may be, is a very important subject and by reading your paper they will learn things they need or want to know.

By following these tips, you should be able to write an appealing introduction that will lead to an excellent term paper. Keep your introduction clear, compelling, and interesting and you should have no problem writing a term paper that will get you an excellent grade!