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Abnormal Psychology Research Paper: Unusual Patterns Of Behavior To Write About

Of the many subjects for a student to write about, psychology is one of the most fascinating. Much of the psychology covers a lot of different departments of normal people as they go through their lives, however there are also unusual patterns of behavior that also get a lot of attention for how unusual they are. Here are some unusual patterns of behavior to write about.

Thorough Research

The one thing about psychology research papers is that the relabeling of behavioral patterns and what makes them what they are. Through many different studies and viewpoints, the field of psychology is constantly changing so one of the recommendations to approach this kind of research paper is to start with the latest studies on the topic of interest and go from there. The changes are usually very specific in that they separate the behavior into something new and different or it branches out, creating new patterns to analyze.

Behavioral Patterns

  • Passive Aggressive
  • Alcoholic
  • Personality
  • Anxiety
  • Disorders

Passive Aggressive

One unusual behavioural pattern would be with passive-aggressive behaviors where a person is very open with someone one minute and then against that same person in another. Often they are subtle or very direct with this approach. Many people who are in a position of management exhibit this kind of behavior.


Behavior patterns from substance abuse such as alcoholism makes for a good paper. The alcohol makes the person’s emotions more concentrated than without but there is also the case where they’re managing their alcoholism in front of others without giving it away. This creates other behavioral patterns to analyze.


Some personalities are also signs of other behavioral patterns such as bipolar conditions or even manipulation. Psychological testing on various personalities will also reveal some underlying issues well documented to also analyze for traits and disorders.


This is one that almost everyone has to deal with either at a very high level or minimal, where their behavior is impacted with relation to others around them, making their daily lives more difficult.


This could fall into a number of the patterns mentioned above, but generally these are only treatable and not entirely curable. Some of these disorders are genetically passed on or they’re present due to some mental damage from injury.


These are just a few behavior patterns that cover different categories to go after with research. It’s good to be specific about the pattern, perhaps concentrating on a certain quality to expand on so as to not write about something that’s too broad. Once the student begins to work on their research, they’ll find their exhaustive pursuit will be worth it.